Intellectual Property Offices

Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand

IP Australia

World Intellectual Property Organisation

United States Patent and Trademark Office

European Patent Office

Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom

Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Japanese Patent Office

State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China

Korean Intellectual Property Office

Intellectual Property Office of Singapore


New Zealand Business Support Organisations

Callaghan Innovation

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Economic Development New Zealand

New Zealand Chambers of Commerce

New Zealand Companies Office



New Zealand IP Legislation

Patents Act 2013

Patents Regulations 2014

Designs Act 1953

Designs Regulations 1954

Copyright Act 1994

Trade Marks Act 2002

Trade Marks Regulations 2003


Australian IP Legislation

Patents Act 1990

Patents Regulations 1991

Designs Act 2003

Designs Regulations 2004

Copyright Act 1968

Copyright Regulations 2017

Trade Marks Act 1995

Trade Marks Regulations 1995